I have a fairly open approach to parenting and the requisite despensation of information. This approach stems from my belief and complete acceptance of the mantra KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Because I believe so deeply, I try to answer all inquiries as truthfully as I can...when I can. Because of this belief I occassionally let the kids watch movies intended for more mature audiences (PG13, remember, I have little kids...most audience are theoretically more mature). Most times things go right over their heads, but then there are times when something catches their curiosity and well...then I get, THE QUESTION(S).

Case in point...While watching the Tyler Perry film Why Did I Get Married?

Zen: What does it mean to "have your tubes tied"?

Harmless enough...

Me: When a woman dosen't want to have any more babies, she can have her doctor perform a surgical procedure to tie her fallopian tubes (previously explained) in order to prevent future preganancies ...

Zen: Oh

Of course the thing about being "open" is that you have to be prepared for it when your explaination is then re-explained to someone else.

Case in point...

During our 4th of July get together my mother and sister-in-law were having a playful conversation regarding having babies and quantity, etc.

When Zen suggested to my sister in law, at the appropriate juncture in the conversation I might add, "When you're done having babies, you could just get your tubes tied.

My mother: And there you have it!

This was the end of the conversation as the group quickly disbanded...probably fearful of any additional information that may come out of Zen's mouth.

Of course later I had to field a few questions about the origin of such advice...but at least I know that Zen understood my explanation and accurately passed it on!

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