The first session of swimming class has come to an end so… I signed them up for another two weeks!

I am so proud of myself for even following through on the plan to have them take lessons this summer!!!! (And for having not missed a class, not even through my illness--this is where I teach them to follow through on things and be consistant, yada...yada)

Zen is almost 8 years old and every year since she was born I told myself… “Self, don’t condemn this child to a life of aquaphobia (like her mother)…get her some swimming lessons…professional ones (don’t be cheap)!”

It took almost eight years but by george we got it and now she has been promoted to Level II swimming!!! (Insert Cabbage Patch (dance) Here)

Additionally noteworthy…my true aquaphobe (Tafi) has been CURED!

That’s right! Her majesty is over the antics and is now committed to learning how to hold her breath so that she can stay “under the water for a long time” (she means longer than a ½ a second…I AINT COMPLAININ’, I’M JUST SAYIN’).

Honestly, I am SOOOO proud of the girls! They were HAPPY and EXCITED to KEEP ON SWIMMING!

An added bonus ...we have made friends with a Brazilian woman (Olga) who brings her neice (Brianna) and so now they have people to practice their Portugese (free classes on Wednesdays) with! I LOVE IT WHEN THE UNIVERSE ALIGNS IN SUPPORT OF MY PLOT TO ENGINEER GENIUSES!!! WOOHOOHAHAHA!!!


Pamela Fuller said...

Congratulations! We need to schedule some swim time so I can see these mermaids in action.

Anonymous said...

Yea! How FABULOUS to introduce the girls to another world! My girls LOVE swimming and we have so much fun - it's another world of games and exercise. And my girls are usually exhausted when they come out of the pool and we all sleep that much better! Adriane. stick your feet in the pool while they are swimming - refreshing!
When does Lion start swimming???