For months, I have vicariously enjoyed the "coolness" that is Facebook, my cubicle mate Sam has had a ball catching up with friends past, present and future -- their posts of old pictures and other reminisces...I have giggled and oohed right along with her...not considering what/who I might find, or who might find me... if I too joined "the Face" (my new nickname for it..you like?).

After hearing an idea I had for a novel, Sam (who is also my "reading/writing buddy") gave me an assignment... join Facebook. The thought was that it would give me a link to so much "historical" information relevant to this crazy book idea I have...and, I knew she was right.

After I joined and got the first Friend Acceptance Notification and the first Friend Request... and found my long lost step siblings...and got in contact with KIARA and saw all those old photos... lawd, I was hooked after that!

This addiction is a little different from my previous Myspace addiction, because I was more so addicted to the artistic elements, adding slideshows, music, videos, and backgrounds, whereas with Facebook things appear to be more straightforward. I love the constant activity and millions of possible ways to track down old friends; by day 2 or 3 I already had a solid 20 friends (52 less than a week later), and most of them were from high school or college!

I was able to see who had gotten married, who had babies, who lived where, who went back to school, who has been traveling...I am even able to KIT with my husband's fam in Barbados!

Between Skype and Facebook... I've been having a blast! Flu and all! ...Adriane is...wondering if I could set up a Facebook/Skype intravenous drip? TECHNOLOGY...GOTTA LOVE IT!



One of my New Year’s resolutions is to READ MORE.

I do a lot of reading with the children and a lot of reading for work, but I rarely have the time or mental fortitude to read simply for PLEASURE.

This desire to be consumed by a good book has been slowly rising to the surface over the last few months of 2008, I’ve tamped it down each time by reading something with Zen or flipping through a magazine, but the crescendo came while vacationing in Barbados.

With all that “FREE time”, no work, no taxiing to and fro, no demands, I actually had the OPPORTUNITY to READ (not listen to) a whole novel from cover to cover and experience the bliss that has been gurgling up for a while now. The book of choice was Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns and though I hate reading books out of sequence, I proceeded to do so with this one and was hooked in no time! The first night, I read at least 15 chapters, and another one as I woke up the next morning and each night I read despite the mosquitoes buzzing loudly over hear or the invitations to go out … I was completely ensconced, transported to Kabul, I was no longer in Barbados, I was in Kabul, I saw Kabul, smelled Kabul, tasted Kabul…I was Miriam’s neighbor, I was the fly on Laila’s bedroom wall, I was Tarik’s leg and Rasheed’s belt. Now, some will read this book and wonder why I was so enthralled with it, perhaps the book will not have the same magic to another reader, maybe it will…for me, it matters not! What does matter to me is that again a door that had slowly inched closed has been thrusted open once more and have begun to pursue this escape yet again.

I will no longer allow myself to use the excuse of no time and no energy, I will use the tools afforded my to experience this escape...for cryin out loud I work in a library and audiobooks are the perfect tool for a wandering mind…so far I’ve been able to “read” The House at Sugar Beach (Helene Cooper), The Brief and Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao (Junot Diaz), A Thousand Splendid Suns(Khaled Hosseini), and Eat, Pray, Love (Elizabeth Gilbert)next God of Small Things (Arundhati Roy), Life of Pi , Kite Runner (Khaled Hosseini)…the sky’s the limit!


FW: Because I wish you a happy new fiscal year!

Subject: Because I wish you a happy new fiscal year!

Seven Habits for a
Financially Fit New Year

Personal character is made of habits and habits come in two varieties: good and bad. The secret to learning good habits or breaking bad ones is found in conscious repetition. To create a habit, you must repeat an action over and over again until it becomes a natural response. To break a habit, you must to create a new one or choose not to do something over and over until it becomes a natural response.

Want to become more financially responsible? Consciously focus on the following practices. Repeat them over and over until they become natural responses. Before you know it, these will be your habits, too.

Habit 1. Regularly balance your accounts. Financially responsible people calculate a current balance in their checkbook or online account after every transaction. They know where they are at all times.

Habit 2. Save money consistently. Financially responsible people do not spend all the money they have and then rely on credit. They always save some and they do it first, before they pay anyone else.

Habit 3. Think first and spend later. This is the habit that keeps financially responsible people from spending money they don't have. They do not buy things impulsively. They make lists, weigh the consequences, wait for sales and above all, exercise self-control.

Habit 4. Focus on the real price. Financially responsible people see through the come-ons, marketing hype and financing options. They know how to calculate the bottom line. If they can afford the full price, fine. If not, they are not interested in monthly payments.

Habit 5. Know your financial condition. Financially responsible people know within a few bucks the current balance on their mortgage, their investment accounts and other assets. They make decisions based on how their net worth will be affected.

Habit 6. Refuse unsecured debt. Financially responsible people shun debt of all kinds, but especially unsecured debt. If they have secured, i.e. mortgage debt, they repay it rapidly.

Habit 7. Make principle-based decisions. Financially responsible people make financial decisions based on principles, not feelings. They know their feelings are fickle and can change.

Experts in human behavior say it takes 21 repetitions to break a bad habit or to establish a new habit. That means if you do something every day, after three weeks it will become a nearly automatic response, a habit. Continue for another 21 days and you will have established a life-long habit. It takes just six weeks to change your life.
It is possible to learn good habits and unlearn bad ones, even those that are deeply ingrained. It's all a matter of choice and determination!


Return of the Crazies

Return of the Crazies

I’ve only been back in the country for a few days now and already I can feel that old familiar tightening in my chest!

How I long for those lazy days of book reading and sitting on the sand staring at the sea.

I can still feel the amazing breeze and the sprinkle of the daily rain shower tickling my face as I nap (with one eye open of course, mother’s never really go on vacation).

Yesterday wasn’t so bad, but today more than made up for it. Each of us forgot something at home for Tafara it was her backpack…I forgot Tafara’s immunization forms…God knows what Zen forgot…Lion is too little to forget, etc…so I went back home to retrieve everything and used the opportunity to catch up on a few things…long story short got to work after 11AM…been flying by the seat of my pants ever since!

Came back to work yesterday in time to run a grant application workshop for which no materials had been prepped (my fault)…by last night, I was too pooped to get anything done ergo…the CRAZIES this morning!

So many people commented about how great I looked yesterday (rested and refreshed)…no such commentary today…wonder why?!



Our vacation is rapidly dissapating...there are only two days left until we are snatched from this comfortable existence and thrust back into the insanity of our daily lives.
I have had a blast...though I didnt paint the town red even at the encouragement of a variety of family friends... I have had a great time just taking it slow...
I have savored the warmth and loving vibe of Simon's friends and extended family and basked in the glow of his siblingss interaction with the children.
I have soaked up the sights, memorized the flavors of some of the best eats I've had in a while and have committed to never let such an expanse of time pass between visits ever again.
Simon says that this trip has made him more focused on the things we need to do in order to move forward...while I share that feeling of renewal, I have also become aware of the fact that I would like to travel more and make more of an effort to keep in contact with friends and family here...to keep the children connected to their Bajan roots as well as give them a broader view of the world... we have had a wonderful time and will no doubt take the memories of our visit with with us as we cross the threshold of our vacation back into our every day...


Well folks, we made it ....there's nothing like the change of the calendar year to make you feel like starting anew. We reflect on the year gone by and make mental notes of all the the things we could have done differently and hope to do differently next go around. Some people make resolutions religiously and break them with the same vigor with which they were made...others curse the concept and keep on going down the same road...I confess that I have been both overzealous and apathetic...but this year, I plan to sit down with my family and create family goals complete with attainable action steps. The goals will fall under three broad areas i.e.:health, wealth and wisdom. I then intend to post those goals so that we can chart our progress as we... progress :)... I think we better ge started while we're here and free from the hustle and bustle of our daily state side existence...nothing takes the wind out of your sail like having to go to work and tote the kids hither and yon and pay the bills and well you know where this is heading...this year I really crave the feeling of being organized. I remember what that used to feel like..I crave structure for my household and my children...all while putting an end this free fall that is my life...I crave some direction...I want to pare down on possessions, body fat and emotional baggage...I want to have a plan instead of just moving from day to day simply because... this year I want to answer the question....WHERE THE HELL ARE WE GOING WITH THIS THING? at any rate HAPPY NEW YEAR ...we'll keep you posted!