Well folks, we made it ....there's nothing like the change of the calendar year to make you feel like starting anew. We reflect on the year gone by and make mental notes of all the the things we could have done differently and hope to do differently next go around. Some people make resolutions religiously and break them with the same vigor with which they were made...others curse the concept and keep on going down the same road...I confess that I have been both overzealous and apathetic...but this year, I plan to sit down with my family and create family goals complete with attainable action steps. The goals will fall under three broad areas i.e.:health, wealth and wisdom. I then intend to post those goals so that we can chart our progress as we... progress :)... I think we better ge started while we're here and free from the hustle and bustle of our daily state side existence...nothing takes the wind out of your sail like having to go to work and tote the kids hither and yon and pay the bills and well you know where this is heading...this year I really crave the feeling of being organized. I remember what that used to feel like..I crave structure for my household and my children...all while putting an end this free fall that is my life...I crave some direction...I want to pare down on possessions, body fat and emotional baggage...I want to have a plan instead of just moving from day to day simply because... this year I want to answer the question....WHERE THE HELL ARE WE GOING WITH THIS THING? at any rate HAPPY NEW YEAR ...we'll keep you posted!