BACK TO SCHOOL BLUES...Its not what you think!

If you live in South Florida, then chances are your child's first day of school was delayed by the arrival of Tropical Storm Fay. While scores of teachers, students and even some parents welcomed this the summer's "stay of execution" others moaned terrible moans, gnashed their terrible teeth and even rolled their terrible eyes a la Maurice Sendak's wild things.

The Clarke girls learned of this terrible injustice after returning home from their back to school beauty makeover and were quite dismayed that they would likely not be as glamorous as they were on Sunday when school finally opened. Zen tried to put on a brave face but she was obviously shaken by the travesty, she finally uttered "Of all the days why did she have to come on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! I can't take it. Tafara on the other hand wanted to know whether there would be a flood...this is her standard inquiry during thunderstorms, she also added, I'd rather go to Kindergarten than be in a flood.

So Fay came and went without any damage to our neck of the woods although some areas experienced a loss of power, flooding and excessive wind. School statred two days later.
Simon was happy because he got his wish...two days off of work, rain and wind...no damage.

My emotions were mixed, I love the first day of school, but I appreciated the time off from work to focus on getting everything finalized for the BIG DAY (I get sooo excited!!!).

Though I'm sorry that the summer has come to an end (THIS WAS MY BEST SUMMER EVER THANKS TO THE APPROVAL OF MY MODIFIED SCHEDULE -- Shout out to Jim, Jody and Mary :) ), the first day of school is the beginning of another adventure - Tafara is in BIG GIRL SCHOOL aka Kindergarten and Zen is in 3rd grade which is a big deal since they are the oldest kids on the east portion of the campus, their classrooms are upstairs and now they'll be taking the FCAT...everybody say "oooh" :).

All in all...I'm glad that they were disappointed about the first day being delayed...especially since all the other smart kids I know felt the same way!!!

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