Waking up and going to sleep on Barbados have both been a pleasure. Perhaps it is the firmness of my brother-in-laws mattress or the fact that I have been staying awake so late at night, or better yet perhaps it is the fact that I have left all worries behind in FLORIDA...that has allowed me to catch up on som much needed rest! We have been here for four days, we've gone to the beach twice, we have seen all of my husbands beauiful siblings with the exception of his youngest sister Rachel, who was at the beach while the kids and I stopped by her mom's house and ate up all of their food!
We have visited Simon's 94 year old great aunt "Aunt Boo" (truely a genuine spirit) and his "Aunt Pop" whose Alzheimers has relegated her to bed, unlike my first visit years ago when she was up and about, obviously suffering from confusion but cheerful nonetheless!
We've visited Aunt Yo at her beautiful-just- my-style-home with her "Caribbean Christmas tree"- a palm tree elegantly decorated with silver and white ornaments...and Simon's Auntie Claudette who we will see again on Boxing Day - I hear that the food is top notch!
Today Zen and Tafi helped Angie train her exuberant 8 month old Rottweiler puppy "Wolf" and I hear that they were quite the assistants!
Zen lost a tooth today and wonders about the tooth fairy finding the tooth...
Lion waas found guilty of coloring with marker on Uncle Adam's seafoam green microfiber couch...Tafara was an accessory but was released on her own recognances after lots of tears and tesimony by her older sister who suggested that while Tafara had been careless with the markers, she would never intentionally color on the couch, while it was competely on Lion's character (and age group) to do so....
Tomorrow, we hope to get up and out early for an early morning drive to Morgan Lewis and we also will create a Chistmas tree for Auntie Katharine and Angie's house!


Anonymous said...

It is so great to read about your vacation your description is very vivid I can visualize all the players, never thought I would enjoy blogging.

I look forward to more updates.

Pamela Fuller said...

Two posts since your departure....true evidence of your relaxation.