I write to you today with a certain sense of accomplishment! At approximately 11:45 PM last night my husband and I with our three bambinos en tow arrived at the Grantley Adams International Airport in Bridgetown, Barbados! It took some doing but we made it without any major incidents (a few threats here and there, a couple of forgotten items...really important things...but we are here and that is all that matters!)
So some of you may be thinking..."Its great that you made it safe but whats all this accomplishment talk about?" Well, let me tell you! Until you have packed for a 16 day international trip for five people (with limited baggage in your possession), completed shopping lists, baked and delivered a few dozen cookies for teachers/teachers assistants, attempted something like cleaning but failed to actually clean the house before leaving on vacation, forgot to pack swim diapers and your ATM card among other things certain to reveal themselves at a later time...ALL OF THIS, yet you still manage to find yourself still exceedingly happy to be among family and friends...I'd say that is indeed quite an accomplishment!
Everything was worth it to see my husband with his siblings and to see my children excited to be with their uncles and aunts...watching Lion was particularly rewarding, especially as he was scooped up into his Uncle Archie's lap and kissed and hugged and how natural this seemed...no hesitation or apprehension, he exuded pure joy, like he had known him his whole life and had been looking for him! It was beautiful! I AM SURE THAT WE WILL REMEMBER THIS TRIP FOREVER!!!

Stay tuned...photos and updates to come!

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Pamela Fuller said...

Yay!!!! As a witness to your daily challenges and the grace with which you always seem to greet another day and another task, I am so happy to read that you have arrived and are enjoying!

PS - Now you know I have at least 4 suitcases in my possession! Call me when you need stuff!