An Intriguing Alternative to the Standard Pursuit of Higher Education

The one good thing about this recession is that it is functioning as a "reset" button of sorts, we are forced out of our respective comfort zones and into spaces of creative thinking. We have been forced rethink our approach to many things...and this is good! Last week I had the opportunity to listen to Tom Asbrook's show "On Point", during an interview with Maya Frost

She’s the author of “The New Global Student: Skip the SAT, Save Thousands on Tuition and Get a Truly International Education” and this book as well as the aforementioned radio interview really encapsulates my "susapicions about the benefits to global experiences for famlies and solidifies my desire for my children to be global citizens/ambassadors to the rest of the world. This whole conversation will hopefully signal a paradigm shift in the way we (Americans) approach life and the world as well as the way we are viewed internationally.

There are some really great resources shared by callers, I intend to check them out in a little more detail and share my finding here. Feel free to check it out for yourself and share some feedback with me!

United World Colleges - http://www.uwc.org/

Rotary Program - Youth Exchenge Program (Florida) http://www.ryeflorida.org/

University of St. Andrews (Scotland) - http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/admissions/int/summerschools/

Type of programme: Pre-college academic and cultural enrichment
Participants: Coeducational - North American students about to enter 11th, 12th grade or college
Maximum enrolment: 60

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