Right here, right now i am in heaven. I am sitting in my local library behind a huge pile of children's books, on my son's 3rd birthday, while he and his dad are out shopping for the much anticipated shocolit cake! The girls are in their portugese class and for another 30 min. I get to enjoy a bit of solitude...later we will go house hunting followed by cake and ice cream...i wonder what a three year old wishes for?


thejordans said...

Hi Adrienne - found your blog...how/where do you find the time? Want to catch up and hear all about Zenze, Tafara and Lion....and their father of course? I am with you in the weight loss and getting healthy tip. Hope you're combining cardio, some weight training and sensible eating. Do as I say but not as I do :-) 20lbs to go. Noah is 1. Life is good. One love. Claire


Hey Claire!
I have finally learned that TIME is a FLUID CONCEPT-- I just go with the flow, when I have "the vibe" I can always seem to make the time!
You know that Simon is a bit camera shy so I try to keep him out of the limelight as much as possible, but he to is on a weight loss plan and so I anticipate that his cockyiness will eventually superceed his reservations!
As for me I'm down 30 lbs and have alot more to go! How has the first year of motherhood gone for you? I cant believe that Noah is already a year old! I will try to keep the blog updated, so keep an out for us!Give everyone our love! We missed being with you all this holiday season!