Birthdays are ABSOLUTELY my favorite event of the year... an appreciation which has been exacerbated by motherhood.

The most exhilarating part of the whole thing is the energy of everyone in the house during the days preceding the celebration. Everyone is excited and waiting anxiously for the festivities to begin. Zen is usually the first one to start the countdown...Mommy, there are 12 more days until so and so's birthday,she announces giddy with anticipation. Then Tafara chimes in and eventually the entire household is worked into a birthday induced frenzy!

I’m a proud mama when my children are genuinely excited for each other on those days leading up to their birthday…I feel like I’ve accomplished something major!

I remember growing up my birthdays were always special. We would start the day by opening a present (usually a doll, which suited my just fine even if it was the same one from the year before...you know the ones with the pony tails and open/shut eyes) I would have a party at school with refreshments and presents…

Last year Zenzele and I came up with “birthday eve”, a sort of kick-off to the celebration of one’s birthday…just another excuse to extend the festivities (I celebrate my birthday for whole month). On birthday-eve, you get to do cool things like open one present (usually new pajamas) then you take a bath (to wash off last year’s dirt) and go to bed early (to make the next day come faster).

Then while they're sleeping...mommy runs around like a crazy person, making preparations for the celebration 9no matter how small)....Hey, Lion's 2nd birthday is tomorrow betta get my creative juices flowing!

Zen's 5th birthday luau...complete with picture on the cake...this party was the deal breaker...no more BIG birthday parties at home...too much work and money!

Lion's 1st birthday with Pooh ears in lieu of bday hats!

Tafara's 5th birthday-SAFARI at school...see, I finally figured out the formula!

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Pamela said...

LOL - I love how birthday eve involves going to bed early. Something that would probably never fly on any other night and the perfect event to ensure mommy has enough time to make the birthday fabulous the next day. We have a giant box full of styrofoam peanuts for lion. I'm thinking ten minutes playing in that will excitin for a 2-year old (and great photo opportunity!)