Oh The Joys of Summer!

Three Cheers!!! Summer is here!
Well, not really for me but for my kids and my husband (who is a high school math teacher, yeah I know he deserves a vacation...).
So tomorrow morning when my alarm clock goes off... I will rise energized by the fact that there will be two less people to get ready...No fighting with my 5 year old to put on her shoes... No waiting for my 7 year old to decide what she's taking for lunch! Instead my almost two year old and I will shower, breakfast, dress, and jump in the car with ease! Leaving daddy and the girls to contend with the "summery" things like reading lists and swimming classes, picnics, summer homework assignments from mommy and whatever other fun things they come up with!!!
True, it may seem as if we are the ones getting a RAW deal, but that is just because you have NO IDEA what school day mornings are like around here!!!
Please note: This state of elation will probably be VERY short-lived!

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Anonymous said...

is that why you came to work lookin all vibrant and stress-free this mornin?