On Saturday my sister-in-law Katharine (my husband’s younger sister) flew in from Barbados. I was so excited to see her because we haven’t seen each other in a few years. Since her last visit she has become an entrepreneur, going into private veterinary practice and opening an animal clinic! This was her first time seeing Lion in the flesh and seeing Tafara out of diapers! After hours of delayed and cancelled flight plans she and her boyfriend Kyle arrived in Miami a little after 8pm.

Though they were exhausted we took them over to my brother’s house where they visited w/my family and joined our festivities (yes we were still celebrating Lion’s birthday and Father’s Day) already in progress.

We’ve been having a BALL. I get to spend time with Katharine which is always a FAVE and I get to help her SHOP…yet another FAVE!!!

Things all seemed to come together it just so happened that this week was the first week of me working my new modified schedule, I’m off until 1:00, then I work until 9:00 pm. This way we don’t have to worry about the outrageous cost of enrolling the girls in camp (which I am SO against MOST camps), I get to spend quality time with them in the mornings, do some academic enrichment activities, exercise and still take Lion to day care (at a less frantic pace).

While I have tons of things scheduled for the next seven weeks of leisurely summer mornings, this week was left wide open…the higher power must have known that I would need the time to play catch up with my sister in law!

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Pamela Fuller said...

You forgot to mention guava cupcakes!