So, my sister-in-law came to visit as I mentioned before…and a large part of the time is usually spent shopping for essential items that are difficult, non-existent, or ridiculously expensive back home. Can I just say that I was APPALLED at the lack of customer service received this weekend.

WALMART would have been number one on my list…until I went to Barnes and Noble in Aventura!!!! APALLING!!!!

We have all been somewhere and had the silence broken by a inconsolable child or have seen children "rippin' and runnin'" through a store...PLease note: This mama dont play that! I will leave the store before I'm embarassed by one of my children!!! So imagine my surprise when while juggling an arm full of merchandise and trying to carry Lion, I am approached by a man claiming to be the store manager to be told that other customers were complaining about my son's screaming...hmm...the rage swelled instantaneously...there's nothing like being wrongly accused to send me into a tailspin! I immediately put everything down, instructed my family to do the same and left the store. After I explained the scenario to Simon, got them settled in Burger King, I marched back across the street and demanded to see the manager. A very nice and clearly apologetic cashier explained that "it must have been Walter" because "he's always rude". She quicly called Jason the actual store manager, who clearly had received other complaints about "Walter" (who by the way was really a merchandiser, not the store manager), I promptly requested contact informationn for the corporate office, advised Jason that he had easily lost a sale of $300 (big whoop I'm sure...eventhough I was exaggerating). I also asked him to explain the store/company's policy on crying children...he shook his head in embarassment and said, "WE DONT HAVE ONE, I MEAN WE HAVE A CHILDREN'S SECTION, THIS ISNT A LIBRARY, I WILL DEFINITELY TALK TO HIM".

Did I mention that the store was full of children and while Lion did make three outbursts "Walter, nor anyone else in his area could hear him over the humm of the ambient sound...also clarified by the cashier.

One of my local neighborhood Walmarts also PISSED me off during our shop-a-thon! When my sister-in-law's boyfriend asked an associate in the electronic department to test a flatscreen tv, since it was their last one and the box it was in was clearly damaged, he was made to wait for at least 20 minutes only to be told that they "didnt know if they could do that" AND that he should just "buy the TV and if it dosent work, to bring it back"...HAVE YOU EVER TRIED TO RETURN ANYTHING AT WALMART? Yes, they take anything back, but you will wait forever in a line a mile long!!!

Naturally, this was unacceptable to me and so being the Americanized one in the group, I begin to cause a scene and DEMAND service!!! Finally, the tv specialist shows up only to mumble under his breath...I aint got time for that...his colleague, obviously as shocked as I was begged him pardon only to be told "I said I aint got time for that" and if that wasnt bad enough, he added, "you should just buy it and bring it back if something is wrong with it", that's when I lost it..."What?! You dont have time, but I should waste my time taking a possible broken TV home and then bring it back?! I was steamin' Needless to say, I spoke to three managers who made Allen do his job and then we went to another Walmart, and bought the TV there instead...TAKE THAT ALLEN.

Within all of this, there is a tail of redemption, ironically coming from Walmart where the TV was ultimately purchased. I was searching for swim caps for the girls to no avail...I finally gave up and as I was being checked out, I asked the cashier about swim caps...after I explained what they were...he suggested Health and Beauty Aids, doubtfully, I challenged him, instead of brushing me off, he rang for the most helpful assistant manager, who not only came over to help but went and looked in two possible locations, a third associate came over and suggested that I look in sporting goods (DUH). Rob, the cashier, called sporting goods instructed the cashier in that department to find the caps, hold two swim caps for me and cash out my other items there...NOW THAT'S CUSTOMER SERVICE... Thanks Rob, I had almost forgotten what it looked like!


Pamela Fuller said...

The story of my life in Florida I'm afraid!


Not just Florida...I think it h as to do with organizational culture and quality of staff more than anything else. I have had poor service lots of places...I've also had great service lots of places...something has changed...not quite sure what it is...

Pamela Fuller said...

Something about hiring the right people - I agree with that, quality of staff. Many times I get the feeling that the employee feels they are doing me a favor instead of doing their job. I've also noticed that people don't get let go for the quality of their work - they feel like they are invaluable. So they do whatever they want. Companies shouldn't allow that - there are lines of unemployed willing to take over.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Adriane, something HAS changed. It is unfortunate to have one human be so rude to another in any circumstance! Those rude people must be so unhappy in their life and their job. I have actually called someone on their rudeness and asked if that was their intent. The woman actually started crying and said she was having a terrible day! I consoled her but insisted nonetheless that she help me and convinced her that THAT in turn would help her feel better. If only I could be so kind to ALL rude people but that would be a full time job!
I am proud that you insisted on customer service and did not let it go. Just always be the better person - it IS more attractive!