At Last!!!

For years I have promised myself and a few of my close friends that I would one day commit to the dauntingly liberating task of creating a blog/newsletter dedicated to the journey that is parenthood.
For just as long, I have mused at the thought of giving advice and providing resources to the millions of mothers (both new and "seasoned") just clammoring for my two cents of advice (uhuh). I've dreamed of coordinating playgroups and making referrals to everything kid-friendly and awesomely enriching! I've even dreamed of responding to the occassional irate email with tactful quips that would ultimately cause the writer to see the error of their ways and join me on the soapbox of the day!
Alas the day has come where I feel like I have a drop more energy than usual and I have become tired of those taunting musings and the nagging curiosity of what one more blog (authored by me) would or could do in the cybersphere.
I foresee this blog serving as not only as my electronic journal but also as an opportunity to hash out those things that continue to perplex me i.e. the lackluster public education system in SoFl., the continuing downward spiral of the economy, the ebb and flow of this election year and of course marriage/parenthood/family life/pop culture, etc, etc.
I hope at minimum that these ramblings will in some way convey that as parents we will never have all of the answers, never have enough time, money or any of the other things we crave...until we begin to act instead of waiting in isolation for something to happen.
I'm getting off my butt...join me!


Amai Tsahai said...

I love it Adriane! I'm looking forward to participating in your journey in parenthood and self-identification. As you and I both know, we become one with the universe when we allow ourselves to become students of our own children.


True Indeed!! THANKS FOR JOINING ME! Your support means alot to me!

Pamela said...

I know that dress! Honored and excited to read about the joys of motherhood. It's interesting reading someone's writing for the first time - I definitely hear "you" in the words but reading them is different. Keep up the good work!

Jess Lynd said...

Agee, all i have to say is: GOOD FOR YOU. Lots of love, jess

JOANN said...

This great! I look forward to reading more about your journey.